Estate Planning and Administration


Estate Planning is as complex and varied as the people it serves. It is multi-dimensional and must be approached in a sensitive manner to the achievement of a variety of objectives: wealth preservation and asset protection, avoidance of probate, elimination or reduction of estate taxes, and management of assets in the event of illness or incapacity, to name a few.

You have worked hard all your life to accumulate personal assets and we will help you ensure that you pass on your legacy to your family, in the manner you desire, rather than have your hard-earned assets be consumed by estate taxes, creditors, and probate expenses.

A well-crafted estate plan should provide for your loved ones in an effective and efficient manner by avoiding guardianship during your lifetime, probate at death, estate taxes, and unnecessary delays.  Contact the Raleigh estate planning attorneys at Lohr and Lohr PLLC to review your family and financial situation and your goals.   Once your estate plan is in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have provided for yourself and your family.

Attorney Evan Lohr has drafted more than a hundred estate plans, including many for multi-million dollar estates, and also has significant experience drafting pre-marital agreements for estates of substantial value.


The Raleigh probate administration attorneys at Lohr and Lohr PLLC assist the personal representative in the efficient settling of a loved one’s estate or trustees in managing a trust after death, including:

  • Marshaling assets
  • Providing notice tocreditors
  • Paying debts / liquidating assets
  • Distributions to heirs
  • Filing tax returns for the estate
  • Managing assets of the trust

Contact a Raleigh probate attorney today at (919) 348-9211.

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