Trust and Estate Litigation

We help families deal with the difficult issues that arise when disputes develop over a loved one’s estate planning efforts, especially as reflected in wills and trusts. Our knowledge of trust and estate law, complemented by our experience in civil litigation, enables us to prosecute or defend, and ultimately resolve, contentious disputes. Without sacrificing zealous advocacy for our clients, we also attempt to reach these resolutions in a manner that preserves, to the extent possible, the family, marital, and community bonds that often are threatened in contested estate matters.

Our attorneys have experience representing families, heirs, executors, trustees, and other fiduciaries in estate and trust litigation.  Our goals are to ensure that our clients receive all of the assets to which they are entitled, while simultaneously removing the burden from families, getting them out of court as quickly as possible, and preserving estate assets.

We regularly represent individuals in estate disputes in all counties in North Carolina. To contact a Raleigh estate litigation attorney, call (919) 348-9211 or send an email to

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